Client API

The client API can be used directly from C or C++ programs to create software that interacts with Virtual Paradise servers and users in the 3D world. There are also several wrappers available to use this library from other programming environments.


Architecture Version Distribution used for build
x86_64 / AMD64 r1779 Debian 8.6 Download
x86_64 / AMD64 r1231 Debian 7.4 Download


Architecture Version Date
x86 r2057 August 3 2018 Download
x64 r2057 August 3 2018 Download
x86 r1819 January 28 2017 Download
x64 r1819 January 28 2017 Download

Mac OS X

Architecture Version Date
x86 and x86_64 r1228 June 14 2014 Download

API wrappers for other environments

If you have created a libary that you would like to see included here, please contact


VpNet is a VPSDK wrapper for .NET and Mono. It is officially supported and can be found on the VpNet GitHub Repository